sound pieces

Profile of Mountain River Jump! Apr. 2024>> download pdf


Yijing (I Ching)•Mandala a divination video installation by Mountain River Jump!


Fight in Synchronicity Indoors performance including shadow play by Mountain River Jump!


Mind Games Video installation and dream interpretation on site by Mountain River Jump!

Ink Pool drawing series by Huang He


Flower-Bird Character: Sociology  Lenticular sheets installation by Mountain River Jump!

The Call of Animism A video installation by Mountain River Jump!

Ink Pool drawing series by Huang He


Lioness Roars A lion dance conducted by

Military Nuo A duo performance with a double-headed mask by Mountain River Jump!

Thousand-eyed Avalokiteśvara  installation and writing by Mountain River Jump!


Queen Mother of the West  performance by Mountain River Jump!

The Fool video installation, a digital altar by Mountain River Jump!

The Fool: Egg Divination divination video installation by Mountain River Jump!

Red Eyes a new bamboo divination system composed by Mountain River Jump!

After Three Hundred Years divination video installation of Mountain River Jump!


Clock In a project of Mountain River Jump!

Ox-ghosts and Serpent Spirits a project of Mountain River Jump!

Focusing on "the Star Chart”– Cultural psychoanalysis

The Father/ mother and the son of psychoanalysis

Legends in Human World
by Mountain River Jump!


The Dog Urine
video installation / solo exhibition at Canton Gallery

Illustrations for Huang He (the Yellow River):
by putting goblets at the river to let someone drink the wine inside

Mutual Telepathy a project of Mountain River Jump!

Walnuts solo exhibition


Home of Dinosaurs: Ancient Ecology and Geology

of Canton
a lecture given by Lu Ling

The Boatman’s Food site specific installation

Drawings, to be continued... drawings (pdf: >>)

The Third Day after the New Moon installation

Cups Series #No ordinary people# image/behavior

No Problems image/sticker


Solo exhibition: Beads of sweat... (pdf: 01>> 02>>)

Why I collect the works of Double Color Balls Group pdf-critique

Airplane / Bananas / Good politics drawing/image

Tissue Series 1. Flames and Tears drawing

Tissue Series 2. Mr.longlegs drawing



How to Win Friends & Influence People image/installation

Bread video

Animals clay/sculptures/photo

Primitive living clay/sculptures/photo

Memory of Body clay/sculptures

Gift from Daddy video

Boatman video

"Blue moon" is the name of the bird video


Pick up the lunar behavior/video

One Thousand and One Nights clay/sculptures/photo

Mermaid and Coral clay/sculptures/photo

The Red Sun clay/sculptures/photo

A Tribe Story of Hunting clay/sculptures/photo


A breath of the world clay/sculptures/photo

Beneath the Sea... clay/sculptures/photo

Could you see the fox? clay/sculptures/photo

Mountains and Rivers site specific installation

Dali wears a red scarf behavior/photo

He says (yes, we are nuts) photo

Love letters to be thrown out obejects

The Twelve Apostles mini installation /salt

A warm afternoon photo



A duck knows when the srping will come photo

To Bremude site specific installation (rock sugar)

Parallel Phenomenon site specific installation (salt, mirrors)

Take a nap, will you? site specific installation



Migration site specific installation (beads)

Welcome to the mess site specific installation (nylon rope)


Snow Mountains sculptures

Master Q's Guide to Virtual Fengshui virtual project

Graduation Photo behavior/photo

Visa, Vista, Vitas installation



A Dropping Kwan-yin installation

Lu Ling video

The information you absorb (Berlin) objects



22 years old video



Mountain River Jump!: Cards of Chinese Animal Idioms: Legends in Human World
Divination cards / divination video installation / man-made fire, installation dimensions variable
and other works; 2017

Mountain River Jump! @ Olga Fröbe-Kapteyn – Deep Knowledge
Kunsthalle Mainz, Germany, 2023

Cabaret Voltaire Zurich- Psychedelic Salon, May 2023

Huang He: The Father/ mother and the son of psychoanalysis
installation (includes a 3-image-change plastic lenticular sheet, 2 red bulbs with metal lampshades)
size of the lenticular sheet: 30x40cm; installation dimensions variable